Tommy Bahama Laguna Beach

Tommy Bahama Laguna Beach

The Laguna Beach design concept re-imagines the Tommy Bahama Brand from the interior space to the furniture, fixtures and accessories. The store and restaurant’s design is inspired by traditional Bahamas architecture and the spirit of the original Tommy Bahama’s in Naples, Florida.  

Custom made wood Bahamas shutters define the bar and kitchen in the restaurant, and similar shutters form movable partitions in the retail store. The floor in the store is a raised wood deck reminiscent of a boardwalk.  For the shutters, the floor, and the mill work; heat-treated, carbonized hickory is used as a sustainable alternative to teak.  The mill custom processed the hickory needed specifically for the Laguna Beach store.

The walls and areas of the ceilings are hand-troweled plaster. The plaster ceilings are combined with white painted wood slats and beams, and the walls are accented with white wood paneling. Dark metal light fixtures and hardware accent the wood and light colors.

From the store fixtures to the tables and chairs in the restaurant, the furniture is uniquely designed for Laguna Beach. The materials and finishes were chosen to create a timeless space that will age gracefully, aided by the patina of use.   All of the furniture was designed by Standard and hand-crafted by local fabricators and craftsmen in the Los Angeles area.  Hand applied oils and patina finishes were used instead of industrial paints and sealers. 

  • Restaurant, Retail Store, Furniture & Merchandizing
  • Laguna Beach, CA
  • 5,500 sq ft
  • TEAM
  • Jeffery Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Kazushige Shichishima, Brandon Bown, Jenny Ly
  • Food Service Consultant | SSA
  • Structural Engineer | Office of Gordon Polon
  • Mechanical Engineer | Ecco Engineering
  • Electrical Engineer | CCB Engineering
  • Photos ©Benny Chan | Fotoworks
  • ©Standard®