POD Plexus

POD Plexus

Based on the design brief to explore through physical models to unite three independent architectural components into something new and better, we developed a modular system of structures, paths and spaces, built slightly above the landscape: vaulted enclosures were combined with a modernist concept of transparency, and a graphic approach to landscape design.  

We’ve created a mega structure, a man-made mini-city floating over it’s surrounding. This concept was popular in the 60s. The vaulted pods would be made from a lightweight rigid composite secured to the base that can be delivered, deployed and inhabited anywhere.


  • Design Concept


  • Jeffrey Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Lena Kohl, Jihun Son


  • Denisa Buzatu, Lena Kohl, Jihun Son


  • 2018 Architects Newspaper Honorable Mention for Analog Representation

  • Photos ©Injinash Unshin

  • Renderings©Standard

  • ©2018 Standard®

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