POD Plexus

Based on the design brief to explore through physical models to unite three independent architectural components into something new and better, we developed a modular system of structures, paths and spaces, built slightly above the landscape: vaulted enclosures were combined with a modernist concept of transparency, and a graphic approach to landscape design. 

We’ve created a mega structure, a man-made mini-city floating over it’s surrounding. This concept was popular in the 60s. The vaulted pods would be made from a lightweight rigid composite secured to the base that can be delivered, deployed and inhabited anywhere.

We explored the project with two models, an urban model in 1”= 40’ and a large-scale model, exploring two structures in 1/4”=1’.  The large-scale model is made out of felt, cork, (task) cardboard, beats, perforated aluminum and colored Plexiglas.  The urban scale model is made of felt and powder print. No paint was used.


  • Design Concept


  • Jeffrey Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Lena Kohl, Jihun Son


  • Denisa Buzatu, Lena Kohl, Jihun Son


  • 2018 Architects Newspaper Honorable Mention for Analog Representation

  • Photos ©Injinash Unshin

  • Renderings©Standard

  • © Standard®

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