Old Barn Road

Three vaulted, single-story volumes are arranged parallel on the wooded site and are floating slightly above the landscape.

Shifting the linear volumes creates adjacencies and separation on the interior while a series of relationships to the surrounding nature ranging from enclosed courtyards to expansive views cross the meadows are formed on the outside.  The ground plane gently slopes which allows the house and terraces to detach from the ground and float above the landscape. 

 Exterior roofs and walls are clad with black stained cedar shingles. Wide-plank oak floors, a floor to ceiling cast-in-place concrete fireplace, and extensive white walls line the airy and tall interiors under the pitched roofs.


  • Vacation Home

  • Idaho

  • 6,000 sq ft

  • TEAM

  • Jeffrey Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Denisa Buzatu, Lena Kohl, Alex Sheft

  • Renderings © 2019Standard®

181226_Deck View.jpg
190207_Great Room1.jpg
181226_Yard View.jpg
190205_Master Bedroom.jpg
190108_Zoom View.jpg
190207_Dining View.jpg
190211_Outdoor dining_single ceiling_wood.jpg
181226_Street View.jpg
190207_Great Room2.jpg