Blu Dot Nomad

Blu Dot Nomad

Blu Dot, a furniture design and manufacturing company founded by architects, aims to make good design accessible.  The new Blu Dot Nomad showroom, at the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and 28thStreet, furthers that goal through transparency and light.  The former restaurants occupying the ground floor compartmentalized the space.  The new design created the largest open space possible by removing walls and other elements, and by reconfiguring the existing mezzanine and stairs. That large open space was then modulated with semi-transparent screens that form room-like spaces around the perimeter.  From the exterior, the interior space is a series of smaller spaces with views of the larger store in between them.  The interior is experienced as a sequence; the gridded double height space leads to a compressed layer under the mezzanine, and finally into a barrel vaulted customer lounge.  A custom 60 inch diameter spun aluminum light fixture was designed by the architects and manufactured by Blu Dot for the interior. These lights reinforce the grid in the tall space, and provide the ambient lighting for the showroom.  The screen walls were designed as a modular wood element, allowing for spatial division without sacrificing the open character of the space.  The existing clear aluminum storefront was replaced with new bronze anodized frames with butt-jointed glass, and the original decorative iron spandrels were uncovered and restored during the renovation.


  • Furniture Showroom

  • Nomad, NYC

  • 11,600 sq ft

  • TEAM

  • Jeffrey Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Tracy Bremer, Mohamed Nazmy

  • Photos ©Michael Moran | Michael Moran Photography

  • ©2017 Standard®

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