The concept for the luxury dispensary includes a retail space and a lounge. 

The interior of the dispensary is conceived as an indoor market, where the flower and the edibles are displayed like produce and food. While traditional dispensaries offer a more rigid experience, the design of Essence’s dispensary focuses on guided self-exploration. Each item is located in a display that is unique to the product typology. 

Queuing for sales is also a unique experience that is meant to diverge from traditional models. The queuing area is delineated by a series of benches. While moving through the queuing area, customers pass through the Resource Center, which is defined by a series of video screens that educate customers.  These screens will also provide information about community events. 

The consumption lounge is a flexible event venue with an immersive AV system that transforms the space for various special events, yoga, art classes, lectures and panel discussions.  The programming of the screens creates different views through the “windows.” 

The geometric ceiling is multi functional; combining a dimmable lighting system with the air supply that stealthily and evenly provides clean laminar airflow and odor control for the patrons below. 


  • Retail

  • 10,000 sqft

  • TEAM

  • Jeffrey Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Alex Sheft, Jihun Son, Helena Melgar, Polina Miliou

  • renderings ©Standard

  • ©2018 Standard

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